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Fundraising IP

Need fundraiser ideas for your next fundraising event? Fundraising IP is a website full of useful information.

If you need simple fundraiser ideas, or ideas for events, view a list of fundraising ideas, or get how to fundraising tips for your next fundraiser or other fundraising related activities. Whether you need info about planning your fundraiser, online fundraising, marketing or volunteers, they’ve got you covered!


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Free Volunteer Scheduling Software

See how easy it is for anyone to volunteer using VolunteerSpot’s simple, free scheduling software — multiple days, multiple shifts, no problem! Imagine if ALL your volunteer signups were this easy!

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Matching Faces

Here are pictures of Hannah and Hailey (photographer Carlin‘s children) with their matching CHILDishes.




This is Hailey feeding her face plate some cookies 🙂

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Pancake Faces

Carlin (the photographer who took all the adorable CHILDish website photos) made her children some face pancakes for their face plates. I can’t seem to make a circle pancake, so I asked her how it was done. She uses a flat grill and puts the pancake batter in one of those ketchup or mustard squeeze bottles. Make sure the batter is mixed well so the lumps don’t plug up the bottle. Maybe I will try this some day after I master the art of the circle pancake 🙂

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5 Ways to Make a Meal More Exciting


1. Cookie-Cutter It.

2. Focus on Color.

3. Use Fun Names.

4. Serve it up Differently.

5. Involve them in the Food Selection.

Read the full article by By Katie Goodman at Craftzine.

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Naturally Sweet

Dress up your child’s lunch by adding these super cute fruit stickers. Use them for Valentine’s Day or year round to add a little sunshine. Go to the Twig and Thistle website to download a free copy.

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